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The SoupASonic

The omnivorous pursuit of good music, and good soup.

18 August 1978
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My name is Ljova (a.k.a. Lev Zhurbin) and I'm a composer, violist and arranger, based primarily in New York City. Amongst my recent projects are collaborations with Yo-Yo Ma, the Kronos Quartet, Osvaldo Golijov, Jay-Z, Matmos, and others. I've also written quite a few film scores. For more information about my work, mp3s, latest shows, and updates, please visit my website, www.Ljova.com. You can also find me on MySpace.

This blog - The SoupASonic - will focus primarily on my two avid passions - the semantics of good music, and the pursuit great soup. Occasionally, I'll discuss my latest gear.

DISCLAIMER: Journalists, pseudo-journalists, future journalists, gossip columnists, their informants and significant others: This is a personal blog. You may not quote anything you see here without permission, and all comments here made should be considered "off the record". If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

What I am listening to (based on Last.fm scrobble):